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Broad Spectrum Water Soluble CBD

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Top-Quality CBD Powders: Choose Our Broad Spectrum Water Soluble CBD

Most of you are familiar with CBD oil. However, a water-soluble CBD powder is an equally reliable alternative. We have formulated our Broad Spectrum Water Soluble CBD with 20% CBD that you can add directly to liquids. We provide various dosage forms to help consume our water-soluble CBD powder in the manner you want. Besides, it is an affordable product with desirable health benefits. 

What are the main properties of our Broad Spectrum Water Soluble CBD? 

One of the most exciting properties of our water-soluble powder is its solubility. As a high water-soluble concentrate, our product suits many uses. It has no THC, meaning that it has zero psychoactive effects. It is therefore not an option for someone who aims to experience the psychoactive effects of THC. We can also assure you that our product is easy to handle and a measurement of the correct dosage is convenient. 

Our Broad Spectrum Water Soluble CBD boasts a food-grade certification and is safe for consumption. Additionally, we can present to you the lab tests results that show the quality of our product. Our state-of-the-art cannabinoid powder formulation has consistent quality and flavour. It will give all the benefits of Cannabidiol without any euphoric feeling. 

How to use our Broad Spectrum Water Soluble CBD

One of the many ways you can take CBD is by drinking a water-soluble powder. Note that a water-soluble CBD powder is not the same as CBD oil. People think the two Broad Spectrums are similar but the two are different in structure, taste and bioavailability. A water-soluble powder may be taste and odourless . It has a higher Broad Spectrum Absorption rate once you ingest it, unlike CBD oil because of the particle size. The best way to use it is to mix it into water, juice, or smoothie. Stir well before consumption.  

Final Word

As you can see, our Broad Spectrum Water Soluble CBD has good characteristics. If you want to buy it online, call or write to our customer care staff at info@pharmabinoid.eu to get more information!