Collection: Wholesale and Bulk CBD Isolate for Europe

High quality CBD Isolate available for wholesale and bulk sale in Europe (EU). Great prices, confirmed quality. Fast delivery!

Are you looking for bulk CBD Isolate or other cannabinoid-based isolate powders of high purity and quality for wholesale or bulk purchase? Then Pharmabinoid is the partner for you! Our main goal is to develop viable medical alternatives to traditional pharmacology in order to treat various medical conditions and symptoms. Based on decades of research innovation, we have created miscellaneous medication based on the active substances of hemp in collaboration with independent third parties. Our CBD isolate and other Cannabinoid Isolates like CBC, CBN, THCV, CBDV and CBG enable you and your company to get a step ahead in the market and can differentiate yourself based on a variety of cannabinoids.

High quality B2B wholesale CBD isolate and CBDV, CBC, CBG, CBN and THCV Isolate with low MOQ

Companies who are looking for CBD Isolate or other cannabinoid isolate powders can buy Pharmabinoid products at bulk prices. Our assortment consists of different kinds of cannabinoid isolates, such as:

  • A high-quality CBC isolate which is 98% organically processed.
  • CBG isolate with a high purity of 99,6% which is perfect for producing your own Cannabigerol based products. 
  • The less common CBDV isolate powder, which is known to have great purposes for treating epilepsy and is scarcely available. Available at Pharabinoid with a purity of 96%. 
  • CBD isolate which is available in two varieties. One is the 99,6% CBD isolate powder of high purity; it is perfectly suited for making CBD oils or other CBD-based products. The other variant is our water soluble isolate powder with 10% extracted CBD in it. Perfect for producing water based products. 

Whether you are looking for 1kg CBD Isolate or 1000kg of CBD Isolate make sure to profit from our bulk volume prices for our varying CBD isolate and other cannabinoid-based isolate powders or capsules meant for wholesale. They give you a cost efficient advantage when applying them as a base product for further production. In addition, every shipment is insured via UPS, so you have the possibility of exploring our services without risk. Especially if you use our Try Pharma program.

Best CBD Isolate wholesale prices for Europe

Would you like to discover all the possibilities of CBD isolate powder for wholesale distributors with our bulk prices? Or are you striving to expand your assortment with your very own private or white label products based on CBD isolate powder? We are at your service when you call us at +31 (0) 85 208 13 99 or send an email with all your enquiries to Make use of our in-house know-how and innovative business operations to gain turnkey solutions in CBD isolate powder.

Free Sample

Discover the benefits of our products firsthand by visiting our website to obtain your exclusive TryPharma code. When you place an order using this special code, not only will you secure your desired products, but we will also include a complimentary sample with each purchase. This opportunity allows you to experience the quality of our offerings before you commit to the main shipment. Our goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your selection, and this process provides a risk-free way to explore our extensive range of products. Contact us today to get started and take the first step towards a rewarding experience with our premium offerings.

Shipping Insurance

When you purchase bulk CBD isolates, oils, and other products from us, your shipment is fully insured by us at no additional cost to you. We utilize reputable shipping companies like FedEx and UPS for transportation, while managing the insurance coverage ourselves to secure every shipment from our warehouse to your doorstep. At TryPharma, we are committed to fostering business growth by offering a risk-free wholesale service. In the unlikely event of a shipping issue, we guarantee a refund within five business days from the date the incident is confirmed. Our comprehensive approach effectively eliminates 99.9% of all potential risks associated with bulk CBD shipping, ensuring your complete peace of mind.

30 Day Return

We invite you to test the complimentary sample included with your order before opening the main shipment. If the quality does not meet your expectations, you can benefit from our 30-day return policy. This policy permits you to return the product within 30 days for a full refund, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction. Contact us today to explore our exceptional range of products and experience our dedicated customer service.