Collection: CBD cosmetics wholesale white and private label

In the past years, we have developed different CBD and other cannabinoid based cosmetics, such as our luxury facial serum, body lotions and hand & body crèmes. The cannabinoid formulations are developed as a result of over 30 years of extensive research on the wholesome effects on the body and offer a natural alternative to traditional pharmacology.

We offer our CBD Cosmetics in bulk or in combination with our white label services. In addition to this, we also offer fully custom formulation services for our private label skincare and cosmetic products. For more information, please reach out to one of our account managers and request our Private & White label catalogue. 

We believe that collaborations with beautiful brands result in innovative products that really satisfy the customer needs. 

Wholesale CBD cosmetic products 

Registration in the European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) is mandatory for every cosmetic product that is sold in the European Union. Pharmabinoid will supply all information and documentation for the required notification. In addition, we offer a CPNP notification service, including account registration, PIF creation and Safety Assessment. This way you are allowed to start selling your own premium CBD Cosmetic products. 

Low MOQ's CBD Cosmetics for wholesale, bulk as well as  white & Private label services.  

We love to see brilliant ideas come to life. That's why we have low minimum order quantities for our pre-formulated and even custom / bespoke CBD Cosmetic products. Also for our CBD Oils, CBD E-liquids, CBD pet products and other cannabinoid based products. This enables you to have enough for sampling and then possible move to larger operations.

Expand your brands product portfolio today. Order one of our superior CBD cosmetic products or contact one of our dedicated staff members to see how we can bring your business ideas to life. 

Bulk or White Label Possible

We offer various services in combination with our oils, vapes and cosmetics like bottling, labelling and packaging. Create your turnkey solution ready to be sold to your customers. We also offer CPNP notification services for cosmetic product registration in the EU.

All the services can be found here.

Explore the endless possibilities of cannabinoids

If your company or wholesale believes in the innovative ambition and the medical characteristics of Pharmabinoid, then let us explore the possibilities of private label CBD skincare or pain cream together. We are more than happy to discover the medical marijuana industry together with you and develop new ways of treatment, based on cannabis. Contact us by calling +31 (0) 85 208 13 99 or send an email to