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Labelling Service

Labelling Service

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How Does CBD Oil Labelling Impact Your Product Image?

CBD oil labelling plays several roles in your product apart from adding aesthetic appeal. First, any cosmetic product in the EU market must have a label with an accurate list of ingredients among other things. Therefore, creating the label for your CBD products will help adhere to the 1223/2009 regulations, but also impact how consumers view your products.

Aggressively marketing your CBD products can increase consumer demands. However, if fraudulent health information is printed on the labels, the claims will eventually come out and this might affect your brand. Misinforming your clients through the labels isn’t the only way your brand can be affected. Printing labels with bubbles or folds can also affect your brand’s quality. 

What are the common CBD oil labelling mistakes to avoid?

Forbes says that the CBD market has the potential to hit $20B by 2024. That sounds like great news to those in the business of selling CBD products. In a hurry to harness these sales, some sellers may knowingly or unknowingly commit labelling errors and mistakes that end up costing their brands. Some of these mistakes include:

Missing legally mandatory information

The 1223/2009 EU regulations require CBD products to have clear information such as the ingredients, product purpose, manufacturer, etc. to compete against renowned brands, you might be tempted to include incorrect information about your CBD products during labelling. 

At all times, your CBD cosmetics labelling must bear the following information:

  • Responsible Person’s name and address.
  • Product’s country of origin.
  • Minimum durability date, 
  • Warning and precautions,
  • Batch number.
  • List of ingredients.
  • The purpose of the product.
  • Nominal content. 

Illegible fonts on labels

It’s practically impossible to pass your brand’s message to the consumers when the font type and legibility have issues. Unclear font and text can be problematic to any product, not just CBD. Using the wrong fonts will muddle the appearance of the labels and land you into compliance troubles. 

If you sell CBD vape oil, these are one line of products you wouldn’t want to mess with the labels. That’s because vapers, just like other CBD products consumers, take a lot of caution before using any CBD oil. Therefore, if the cannabidiol vape labelling is poorly done, it’s going to ruin your brand’s class and image.

What other labelling mistakes to watch out for?

Lastly, some CBD products may contain misleading health claims. If unsure about the health benefits that your CBD product provides, it’s best not to include such information doing CBD oil labelling. 

Apart from breaking the trust of your clients, it can also open windows for lawsuits for infringement of the set regulations.

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