Partner Network


Universal cannabinoids is a company that is part of a collective that makes sure all the producers of the raw materials are verified and that those raw materials are exclusive, in need for the market and meet the best prices possible.

Pharmabinoid is a partner of Universal cannabinoids as well as a part of the collective of companies. We work together on identifying new trends and innovative raw materials to make sure our customers are in front of the market every time.

We share information, resources and distribution channels.





CBM uses unique and innovative knowledge in discovering and developing new breakthroughs in the field of cannabinoid-based medicines that will drastically alleviate the discomfort for patient groups that are suffering from a variety of medical conditions ranging from insomnia to cancer.

They have unique intellectual property and a team of experts in various fields which are working on new breakthroughs in cannabinoid-based medicine.

Pharmabinoid has an exclusive connection to CBM-Labs by having access tot heir unique knowledge and expertise in the right raw materials for the right end products which target specific diseases effectively.

Because of this unique connection due to the friendship of our founder and one of CBM-Labs founders we have great insight into what products fits which purpose.



Is a company that is established in Lesotho South Africa.

Medigrow Africa brings exceptional African medicinal cannabis products to the global market through hybridizing African landrace varieties with internationally recognized medical cannabis strains. They utilize the indigenous African medical and agricultural knowledge – accumulated over thousands of years – of people who have a profound understanding of growing and harvesting the plant and leveraging its many health and wellness benefits.

Pharmabinoid has access to knowledge of Medigrow about the different compositions of different origins of cannabinoid-based products. They extensive knowledge on the use of cannabinoid-based products which help us to inform our customers on the best practices concerning the use of cannabinoids in production operations and other applications. They have a network of partners ranging from cultivators to extraction and production facilities which all share the same vision, they are a very important part in our protected and sophisticated supply lines.