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Cannabicitran Isolate - CBT

Cannabicitran Isolate - CBT


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Types of Cannabinoids – Cannabicitran and its Uses

Cannabicitran (CBT) is a rare minor cannabinoid with a subtle smell. Cannabis researchers are working hard every day to try and understand it more. When compared to other cannabinoids, CBT is not always present in cannabis. If available, it usually occurs in negligible amounts. As a result, CBT is not yet a federally regulated substance. It is not nearly as popular as CBD (cannabidiol). Cannabicitran’s molecular formula is C21H30O2. Its molar mass is 314.5g/mol.


Although CBT may not have adequate research, it is not a discovery. The first CBT isolate discovery occurred in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It is not clear how many types of CBT exist today, although some studies point to nine. The little research accessible today shows that CBT originates from CBDA cannabinoids. 

Is Cannabicitran the same as Cannabitriol? 

Both are cannabinoid molecules that share the same acronym CBT. Cannabitran synthesises from CBDA, while cannabitriol synthesises from THCA. Even if they are both referred to as CBT, their molecular structures and weights are different.

Why people should use CBT

Although hemp scientists know very little about CBT and its medicinal value, they suspect CBT can cause an entourage effect. So when added to a CBD (cannabidiol) product, that combination product can offer more health benefits. It can also prevent crystallisation when added to CBD products like vape oils. 

One study conducted in 2007 about THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) addictive properties found that CBT can reduce the psychoactive activity of THC. It is similar to CBD in that both cannabinoids do not cause psychoactive effects. Like CBT, CBD can also weaken the euphoric effects of THC. While CBD crystallises, CBT does not. That’s the main difference between the two.

When comparing the two, we cannot come up with a fair judgment because scientists do not know much about CBT. But as new studies about it come up, we expect new CBT isolate wholesale products to emerge. We also expect research on CBT and other minor cannabinoids to continue expanding. As scientists figure out how these interact with the human body, they will create and supply pure CBT isolate variations to customers. We can offer you more information about CBT at Feel free to contact us now and we will be glad to help you.