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CBD Vape Cartridge Filling – Should You DIY Or Source Prefilled Vape Carts?

Vape pens offer one of the most sought-after methods for consuming CBD due to their cost-effectiveness in providing easier access to high-grade concentrates. One of the conveniences of the vape pens is the cartridges, which allow consumers to get premium vape oil ready to use. This eliminates the challenges associated with filling the traditional tanks. 

And if you're into selling vape oil, you must be wondering if you should do CBD vape cartridge filling yourself or outsource the service. 

What is CBD vape cartridge filling?

A vape cartridge is a pre-filled and sealed glass container that holds 1ml or 0.5ml of CBD vape oil. The oil has a combination of several terpenes and cannabinoids extracted out of cannabis.  A typical vape cart has a high THC concentration and of late, we’ve witnessed CBD-dominant cartridges being introduced into the market. 

Today, prefilled cartridges are more popular compared to refill syringes. With increased demand, production increases which eventually lowers the cost. Therefore, if looking to save money while enjoying the convenience of CBD vape distillate filling service, using prefilled vape carts is a better option. 

Why you shouldn't do CBD vape cartridge filling yourself

The idea of doing a CBD Vape cartridge filling yourself might have crossed your mind in a bid to cut down costs for your business. But what you possibly haven’t thought about is the hassle and time it’ll cost you to achieve exact refills of 1ml or 0.5ml if you DIY.

Also, to meet the growing demand for vape cartridges, doing a manual refill can eat a bigger chunk of your time. If running an outlet with high demand, you wouldn’t want to disappoint your clients with the message of being out of stock. 

Besides, refilling yourself removes the elegance when it comes to cannabidiol E-liquid cartridge filling. Think of all the oily mess that results from filling the vape cartridges yourself. This mess might end up affecting the quality of the cartridge package and that might tarnish your brand’s image in the eyes of your clients. 

Why opt for ready-filled CBD vape cartridges?

As a CBD vape cart retailer, you shouldn’t worry about running the business while also doing the logistics of getting your products ready. Sourcing ready vape cartridges will help you avoid the hassles of refilling yourself. 

Also, you’ll have exact volume measurement when you use a CBD vape distillate filling service. The 1ml and 0.5ml vape carts will be precise, therefore avoiding quarrels with your clients for paying a higher price for less vape oil.