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In order to determine whether a new product, medical device or pharmaceutical is safe, its manufacturer generally runs its own internal testing and control processes. Yet, how can a company be certain that the results of such tests are valid and unbiased, and that all aspects of the product have been considered? To confirm that their data is reliable and that their product is safe and effective, companies typically turn to third-party product testing.

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What does it mean?

Third party product testing is a quality control (QC) process that allows for an independent company (a third party) to test for any and all product quality and safety issues that may pose a risk of harm to the public. Third party testing also seeks to verify that the product complies with the mandates of all relevant regulatory agencies. Pharmaceutical manufacturers and other companies that operate laboratories generally seek third party testing to ensure strict compliance with regulatory requirements. In addition to examining the finished product, third-party analysis of the development process can help labs identify procedural errors, malfunctioning equipment, maintenance-related issues, and possible corrections for them.


Independent product testing helps to validate the effectiveness of the product itself. In the case of medications, third-party product testing can identify contaminants and heavy metals as well as confirm the potency and reliability of the product. these dedicated testing organizations tend to have testing-focused facilities with specialized equipment that the manufacturer may not otherwise have access to. The testing staff in such facilities are also specifically trained and experienced in product testing and/or laboratory assays, providing a level of expertise that in-house QC can’t always offer.

Test results over 100% purity

Historically, chemical compounds with 100% purity were only accessed by professionals in scientific communities. Products manufactured to 100% purity and offered as consumer goods and products has been very limited prior to the inception of crystalline forms of cannabinoids. Not even 190 proof grain alcohol on the shelves of your local liquor store is 100% ethanol. Rather, products are manufactured to a target value with a percentage of uncertainty around that target. The Pharmaceutical industry, one of the most tightly controlled industries in the world, manufactures products to a target value of plus or minus (±) a certain percent based on criteria for that product type. The nomenclature of a pure drug substance is also known as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API); the Potency is referred to as an Assay value. Assay values that exceed 100% are not uncommon in the Pharmaceutical industry where formulators use pure API drug substances to which they add inactive ingredients, referred to as an excipient, to arrive at a target concentration of a formulated drug product. If a formulator uses an API with an Assay value of, say 101.2% for example, that formulator uses 101.2% in their calculation to formulate the product to a given target. This is such a normal and ubiquitous occurrence that the FDA expects to see Assay values for API’s and other chemical standards that exceed 100%.


We at Pharmabinoid strongly believe in the transparency and quality insurance that comes along with 3rd party lab tests. Therefore we always make sure all the products that are sold by us have been subjected to strict 3rd party lab tests, the various lab results can be found in the description of each product.

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