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HHC 95% & Live Resin 5%

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HHC & Live Resin Wholesale – Why Include HHC In Your Cannabinoid Sales

HHC 65% 9R Isomer

The world of cannabinoids expands every day with lesser known variants joining the market. The latest and most promising cannabinoid to join the diverse marketplace of cannabis is the hexahydrocannabinol, popularly known as HHC. 

Although this cannabinoid is new to consumers and the marketplace at large, it’s been known by scientists for decades. Its first synthesis is attributed to Roger Adams back in the 1940s, today, it can be found in many different forms for commercial purposes, such as HHC & Live Resin Wholesale. 

What’s HHC?

For those who are already familiar with THC, well, HHC is its relative, which has not been known to many but scientists. It’s among the many naturally occurring minor cannabinoids in cannabis. It’s available in very minute amounts though, making extraction a costly affair to undertake. 

Since the commercial production of HHC started just recently, it still has a long way to go to reach the same coverage level of THC. However, with the many customers searching for HHC with live resin suppliers every day, it won’t be long until HHC has built a name for itself. 

Can you get high from HHC?

That’s a little hard to answer directly. Technically, HHC is not THC but it produces the same effects if you can use a sufficient amount. HHC consists of inactive and active molecule isomers. The latter binds easily to the cannabinoid receptors of the body. This in turn generates a feeling of relaxation whether eaten, smoked, or vaped. 

Since HHC products are among the fastest growing in the world of cannabinoids, it makes the sale a highly lucrative business. If you’re a cannabinoid products seller, it makes perfect sense to include HHC products in your stock.  As such, you’ll need to find HHC with cannabis terpenes bulk purchases to make it more profitable. Also, don’t forget to offer your devoted vaper clients HHC vaping cartridges.  

Today, many THC consumers are also considering HHC products in vape form. For that reason, you should opt to sell HHC vaping cartridges to your THC liking clients and spice up their cannabinoid experience. Pharmbinoid.eu offers a vape cartridge filling service where you can bulk order filled HHC cartridges. 

You’ll also find different variants of HHC & live resin wholesale to make good profit margins.