Customer Base

Case Studies

Founded in 2014, in Barcelona, KSK Labs, S.L. is the project of a group of professionals with the common interest of putting a family of quality products based on cannabinoids on the market, intended to help therapeutical users. 

Pharmabinoid has a partnership arrangement with KSK in providing companies with exclusive high-quality raw materials to make sure they have the best and most efficient products out there.

Pharmabinoid supplies raw materials to KSK which will be subjected to extensive analysis as well as medical efficiency checks. Jointly we make sure these raw materials will reach the producers who share our vision.



MyCBD is KSK’s commercial brand, which is a company that is 100% committed to offering high-quality products containing cannabidiol (CBD)

Pharmabinoid supplies raw materials for the production of some of the products of MyCBD and we, in turn, make sure those products which are screened on all levels concerning effectiveness, price, ingredients are available for customers who will benefit from this in the best way possible.

We have exclusive agreements with MyCBD for a joint mission of bringing the best end products to the market.



Growbiotech is developing pragmatic solutions to the greatest technological challenges across the value chain, building a professional industry that can offer patients uninterrupted access to the medicines they need.

 Pharmabinoid works together with growbiotech to make sure all that all necessary data is available for innovation on products as well as raw materials to check this data on. Because of the large database of results that Pharmabinoid we can supply them with the right information on making sure that products will be optimized in the best way possible.