Method of analysis for profile-effect relationships

Thin Layer Chromatography


  • The combination of cannabinoids are visible as colored spots (=        chemotype of the species. Also called cannabinoid profile or fingerprint = unique)
  • Size of spot depends on the concentration
  • THC (wine red), CBD (yellow orange), CBC (violet), CBG (yellow) Accurate
  • The test plates are scanned
  • With AlphaCAT3.0 Pixel Quant Software for "cannabinoid content determination", the pixels are counted and the levels of THC, CBD and the like determined.
  • The test takes 30 minutes
  • A signed test certificate within 48 hours
  • A full cannabinoid test certificate is provided for € 180, a fraction of the costs of alternative test methods such as gas chromatography or HPLC and there is no lab in the Netherlands that can provide this service!
  • Only 0.1 gram (100 milligrams) of cannabis is needed for testing the cannabinoid content and 1 gram of cannabis material for pesticide residue testing



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