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The CBD and other cannabinoid products wholesaler and producer Pharmabinoid develops, produces and distributes throughout the entire of Europe are of high quality and purity. Thanks to 30 years of intensive research on the effects cannabinoids have on the human body, innovative products have been developed for treatment and symptom management. The goal of Pharmabinoid is to create a worldwide network of high quality cannabinoids through partnerships with experts in the field of the medical marihuana industry. Through these connections new treatments are developed and products are manufactured to provide an alternative to traditional pharmacology.

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Which CBD products does wholesale and producer Pharmabinoid offer in Europe?

CBD is the active substance found in the Cannabis sativa plant. It has strong effects in the central neural system and is therefore applicable as a treatment for varying diseases. CBD for example has anti-inflammatory and inhibitory effects, without the hallucinatory properties THC has. The main goal of our wholesale company is to produce medically certified cannabinoids of a high quality. The cannabinoids have the possibility to exert their wholesome effect through different dosage forms. Some of the products we offer:

Additional services when working with CBD products

At Pharmabinoid we want to establish a global network of partners. Thanks to our continued research and constant urge to innovate with new and improved products, we have created an extensive understanding of cannabinoids. Therefore, our manufacturers offer various additional services next to the turnkey solutions in the form of CBD white or private label products. This is mainly the case when companies strive to develop their own CBD products with the aid of an expert producer. We are then able to assist you with:

  • The certification of your CBD products.
  • A labelling service to establish clear informative labels.
  • Bottles and bottling the products in consumer-friendly packages.
  • Packaging in different types of dimensions, shapes and print effects.
  • Blind drop shipping without any reference to Pharmabinoid and regular shipping to your customers.

The manufacturers’ possibilities of CBD products in white or private label

Our wholesale manufacturers even offer the possibility for European companies to create their own white label custom production of CBD products. Our biotech engineers help you with the development of the product to offer you a turnkey solution. Put them directly on your shelf or send them to your customers with your own marketing materials. Contact our manufacturers to explore the possibilities of your own white or private label with CBD products.

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Would you like to know more about the endless possibilities Pharmabinoid has to offer? Not only are the products verified by an independent third party on purity and consistency, we even offer shipping insurance and comprehensive return policy. This makes trying our various CBD products completely risk free. Make sure to contact our expert manufacturers, producers, and wholesalers to explore the opportunities of CBD-based products all across Europe. Contact us by calling +31 (0) 85 208 13 99 or send an email with all possible enquiries to info@pharmabinoid.eu. Whether you want more information about our transparent prices or our additional services, we are at your service!