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Water Soluble CBC

Water Soluble CBC


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Water Soluble CBC Made from The Art & Scientific knowledge of Cannabis Drinks

Only few people are aware of CBC's existence, let alone its physiological effects, despite the fact that it is among the Big Six. One of the plant's naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, it was initially found by scientists in 1966. CBC shares several functions with both CBD and THC in terms of how it affects the human body. By way of an enzymatic process similar to that of the two most well-known cannabinoids, CBC arises from CBG (cannabigerol). In one of the plant's glandular trichomes, CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) interacts with enzymes.

What Are the Health Benefits of Water Soluble CBC?

Certain health issues can be helped by water soluble cannabichromene. According to a study conducted to explore the impact of CBC in suppressing tumor development, it was proven to be an effective chemopreventive drug. A study completed in 2006 confirmed its promise as a cancer fighter. It is currently the second most powerful cannabinoid for killing cancer cells. CBG came out on top. CBC is also an excellent anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. CBC effectively increases the release of Anandamide (body’s natural endocannabinoids). It is also known as a “Bliss molecule,” which has incredible anti-depressant properties. It functions in the same way as any other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine.

What Makes Our CBC Effective?

Pharmabinoid makes a hemp emulsion that is dispersible in water. The resulting liquid emulsion is then spray dried to form a water soluble CBC powder. Based on our bioavailability research (AUC), we recommend consuming water soluble CBC in your favorite drink before eating a high-fat meal. Our CBC also goes well with desserts, roasted coffee, gummies, artisan chocolates, and much more. Intermittent fasting is a viable alternative to promote autophagy. If you are a waters oluble CBC Wholesaler, then contact us now. we can help you explore new markets with the versatility of our water soluble CBC. 

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