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Terpene - Live Resin

Terpene - Live Resin


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Live Resin – The New Cannabis Concentrate For Cannabis Product Lovers

If you check the list of cannabis concentrates available in the market today, it’s certainly endless. Among these options, Live Resin seems to scoop all the attention. This concentrate has garnered popularity among consumers, producers, and live resin wholesale dealers alike. 

But what makes live resin so popular? Some of its properties such as preserving the aroma and flavor of the cannabis plant make it very popular. Also, its extraction is less costly and the production process isn’t tedious compared to other concentrates. If planning to expand your cannabis concentrate sales business, you might want to consider sourcing from a renowned live resin supplier like 

How is Live resin Different from other Concentrates?

Live Resin is an essential oil, which consists of a complex terpene mixture and offers an enhanced experience when combined with cannabinoids. Usually, cannabis concentrates get their names according to the consistency or texture, which can be waxy, brittle, gooey, or sauce. 

If planning to spruce up your cannabis products business, you should consider cannabis terpenes bulk purchase to increase your revenue. 

The Live Resin is distilled from fresh cannabis plants, frozen immediately once harvested. There is no drying, curing, or trimming during harvesting. This allows the live resin to have a more flavorful nature compared to other concentrates, and is very reminiscent of the fresh fragrance of the live plant, hence its name. The Live Resin must be diluted before use, and its concentration in the final product shouldn’t be higher than 10 to 15 percent by weight.

Getting the most potent live resin

When you’re in the business of selling cannabinoids or concentrates, you want to be sure that your products are of high quality. In addition, you can go for large quantity supplies, such as the cannabis terpenes bulk. This allows you to sell to your clients only high-quality products profitably. is a renowned live resin supplier offering high-quality live resin concentrate to a large number of sellers across the globe. Unlike other suppliers, we source our products from producers who employ unique steam distillation procedures of extraction. 

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