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Hydrogenated CBD - H4CBD - Pharmabinoid

Hydrogenated CBD - H4CBD

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Boost Your CBD Investment with H4CBD Wholesale Supply

Innovations around CBD, such as H4CBD, have started to emerge as outside industries converge with the cannabis market. We have been in the industry long enough and have tested and produced a variety of CBD products and we assure you, this product is taking the market like wildfire. Therefore, if you are a cannabis investor, or thinking of attempting the industry, this is the time. And the best way to go about it is by getting an H4CBD supplier. Besides its market value, it also has potential health benefits to offer to consumers.

What are The Health Benefits of Hydrogenated CBD?

One improvement of hydrogenated CBD is that it provides molecular stability, which helps with heat resistance and shelf life. Unsaturated compounds become saturated with Hydrogen when they undergo hydrogenation. This is usually done to improve their durability and resistance to thermo-oxidative breakdown, which happens when these compounds are in the presence of air. 

But this improved shelf-life is not the key benefit here : H4CBD has a much stronger affinity to the human CB1 receptor than CBD, which suggests a significantly enhanced potency in its CB1-mediated effects, while the other benefits of CBD are retained. 

What is the public health safety of the process?

Health and safety must always be considered when working with new compounds. Multiple research teams are currently looking at what effects the hydrogenation process will have on the metabolic profile, while also undercovering the beneficial impacts hydrogenated cannabinoids can have on individual and public health.


Hydrogenated CBD, also known as H4CBD, may be new to the market, but those who were exposed to the idea before the competition are boosting profitability with Hydrogenated CBD Bulk supply. Are you already contemplating giving it a try? We are here to help you! 

We also offer crucial support to help your investment. Get in touch now!