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D8-Tetrahydrocannabiphorol - D8-THCP

D8-Tetrahydrocannabiphorol - D8-THCP


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What exactly is a D8-THCP product?

Although a rare substance, D8-THCP is a natural cannabinoid. According to researchers, it is thirty-three percent more potent than THC on your CB1 receptors. Additionally, it is ten times more active than THC on your CB2 receptors. Apparently when consumed together they produce a strong entourage effect. It is questioned whether the THCP that is different with each inhale is responsible for the difference in effect each consumer experiences. Since D8-THCP is very powerful, first-time users should be cautious when exploring it.

Why should people Trust our D8-THCP? 

Like other cannabinoids, D8-THCP produces unique effects in users. Our hemp-derived Delta 8-THCP is an isolate and only contains Delta 8-THCP. We consider our Delta 8-THCP the right product for anyone developing a D8-THCP based product.

In addition, this product can be used in its pure form for research purposes to further understand the effects of this novel cannabinoid. Our product has undergone all lab tests for potency and safety. It is also a hemp product with no heavy metals, insecticides, or other toxins. This product is not diluted with MCT, VG, PG, or other carrier liquids. We always display our advanced lab test results to give the customer the confidence they require to buy from us. 

Botanical synthesis of THCP 

In our process of deriving D8-THCP, we find other types of p-cannabinoids in our distillate. These include CBDP, CBDP, CBNP, and CBCP. The rest of the content in our D8-THCP Isolate is terpenes. Through an internal reaction, the hemp plant transforms terpenes into various cannabinoids. So cannabinoids will always have terpenes precursors. 


Our Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabiphorol product is among the newest cannabinoid products. It occurs naturally and has two more carbon molecules in its chemical structure. A D8-THCP distillate is more potent and suitable for someone who wants something unique from conventional THC. Call us for more information about this product, and get in touch with our technical sales team!