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Water soluble CBG

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Water Soluble CBG is The Next Generation Cannabinoid Innovation

Water-soluble CBG is a beverage infused with cannabis that contains the minor cannabinoid CBG. After effectively taking over various hemp markets such as tinctures, edibles, topicals, capsules, and other areas, cannabinoid innovation is about to move into the realm of beverages. CBG (also known as Water Soluble Cannabigerol), is referred to as the "mother" cannabinoid. CBDa and THCa are formed when enzymes in the cannabis plant stimulate acids, which in turn causes CBGa to be converted into one of these cannabinoids. It's considered a "minor cannabinoid" since hemp plants typically contain less than 1% of this cannabinoid. In the purest of its form, regular CBG isolate is still oil-soluble, but it will mix with water but not homogenize evenly.

What Makes Our CBG Next-Gen Innovation? 

Pharmabinoid has sourced a next-generation technology for the efficient and potent infusion of cannabis into beverages for large water-soluble CBG wholesaler who is gearing up to address this expanding cannabinoid industry both domestically and internationally. We use this minor cannabinoid and transform it into a more accessible water-soluble form for users so that they may more clearly perceive its effects. Our CBG is safe & effective, food grade, nanoemulsion, fast acting, world's most bioavailable CBG, all-natural ingredients, and flavorless / odorless.

How Do We Do it?

Pharmabinoid can offer any cannabinoid-rich hemp extracts in an odorless water-soluble solution using a next-generation method. The patented water-soluble solution is compatible with nearly all water based products because it is fully soluble in solutions and contains up to 20% total cannabinoids. It doesn't matter if you want to continue with the tried-and-true approach of offering CBD-infused drinks or go after unexplored markets with drinks blended with water-soluble CBG Isolate, this adaptable component can be tailored to your needs.