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Industrial CBD Hemp Seeds – Best Way to Make Profit from Your Hemp Farm

In time past, most people will buy hemp seeds like they were novelty products, or as souvenirs. And when these seeds are cultivated, the cultivator has to follow some strict rules and regulations depending on the state where you are cultivating your seeds. And after cultivating comes trading. But at Pharmabinoids, it is a completely different scenario. When we decided to use Hemp to make a change around the globe, we started with the seed. 

Our hemp seeds are medicinal strains and high grade for that matter. Our seeds provide our growers with low-level THC/CBD that complies with the state laws and regulations for hemp seeds. Our hemp seeds have a high CBD concentration which is good for both auto flowers and full-season flowers. As a CBD Hemp Seeds Wholesaler, we can provide you with a huge supply that will enable you cost-effectively grow your farm and make more profit.

Why are Feminized Hemp Seeds So Important?

Ahead of regular seeds, feminized seeds are slightly more expensive but they will give you the highest ROI. Additionally, when you are growing feminized seeds, you eliminate the risk of hemp plant pollination. This may only happen in the case where a neighbor is growing male hemp seeds close to your farm. And such a farm (feminized farm), always produces high potent CBD flowers without seeds. With Hemp Seeds Bulk supply, you can grow as many farms as possible.

How to Grow Hemp with Hemp Seeds?

Here are the steps to use our Hemp Seeds for growing hemp-

  • Pre-soak the Hemp Seeds for 10-12 hours for improved germination 
  • Plant the seeds 1” deep in moist starting mix
  • You can use a thermostat and heat mat to maintain soil temperature (Ideal temperature is between 60-70 degrees F)
  • It is also advisable to use humidity domes to effectively control germination humidity

To serve your customers better, you need to collaborate with a CBD Hemp Seeds Supplier. Contact us now, and we will give you all the support you need to grow a successful farm. 

Just give us a call and well present you the options!