What are the Cannabinoid Extraction Methods?

What are the Cannabinoid Extraction Methods?


The cannabis industry has seen significant growth in recent years, with advancements in market expansion, technology, and product innovation. The US cannabis market experienced a 21% projected revenue growth in 2022, despite a correction in some mature markets. Among the key segments, extraction and processing have shown great potential due to the rise in demand for cannabis extract-based products. As flower and pre-roll products face price compression, producers are exploring ways to convert cannabis biomass into higher value extracts.

Extraction Techniques for Cannabinoids

Innovation in the extraction segment has been crucial for gaining a competitive edge and reducing production costs. Researchers have explored various techniques, including supercritical fluid-based extraction, ionic liquids, solvent-based extraction, ultrasonication-assisted extraction, microwave-assisted extraction, and more. The rapid rise of THC isomers, particularly delta-8 THC, in the mainstream hemp market has raised concerns due to the lack of regulatory oversight and potential health risks associated with production methods.

Cannabinoid HHC: The Semi-Synthetic Breakthrough

In the evolving cannabis market, hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) has emerged as the first semi-synthetic cannabinoid (SSC) in the EU. Synthesized from cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from low-THC cannabis plants, HHC is openly sold as a replacement for cannabis and THC products. Its effects appear to be similar to THC, making it attractive to both existing cannabis users and new consumers. However, there is limited knowledge about its effects and potential risks.

The EMCDDA Report and Emerging Market

The EMCDDA closely monitors HHC, and as of March 2023, 20 EU Member States and Norway have reported its identification. Despite limited controls, large seizures in some countries indicate a potentially growing trade. Close monitoring and technical expert meetings are in place to address public health and social risks associated with the evolving market for HHC and other SSCs.


The extraction of cannabinoids continues to drive innovation in the cannabis industry, providing opportunities for growth and new product development. However, the emergence of semi-synthetic cannabinoids like HHC raises concerns and underscores the need for ongoing research and regulation. As the cannabis market evolves, staying informed and aware of potential risks is crucial for consumers and industry players alike.

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