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Cannabis appears to encourage rather than replace, Opiod use

In the United States in 2017, over 2 million individuals have had drug use disorders and over 70,000 opiate deaths. Unauthorized opioid use, which includes non-medical use of opioid drugs, synthetic opioids, and heroin, is the leading cause of fatal overdoses among adults in the United States. Understanding how cannabinoids affect non-medical opioid use is critical for notifying discussions about cannabis-based treatments for combating the opiate epidemic.
The study entailed 13,271 days of inspection among 211 attendees from the greater New York area and evaluated by comparing the chances of non-medical opiate use on times when cannabis was used versus times when recreational marijuana was not used. Participants were mostly male, urban, workless, and single, with an increased proportion of substance abuse and pain.
Get more information about the research here - https://scitechdaily.com/contrary-to-some-claims-cannabis-use-appears-to-encourage-not-replace-opioid-use/