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Advanced Microscopy Exposes the Cannabis Flowers with the Highest Potency

Although the cannabis leaf is well-known, the cannabis flowers' tiny, frost-like hairs create the compounds that give the plant its psychotropic and therapeutic effects, as well as its distinct smell.
In a study published in The Plant Journal, experts from UBC first described the distinctive structures and chemical outputs of the various types of hairs or glands trichomes.
A quick hemp cultivar of Cannabis sativa known as "Finola" was utilised by the UBC researchers to analyse individual trichomes' internal systems and growth using a combination of advanced microscopy methods and chemical profiling.
To understand how the directions in the trichome DNA are transformed into the plant's metabolic products, the scientists also performed a gene expression analysis. They discovered Finola's stalked trichomes were particularly well-suited for producing terpenes and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA).