Water Soluble Mix CBD isolate 1% / Curcumine 3%

Water Soluble Mix CBD isolate 1% / Curcumine 3%

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This water-soluble isolate has been developed using patented Mycell technology. This has resulted in a unique water-soluble product that has the highest bioavailability possible in the market. The difference between this water-soluble isolate and regular CBD oil is that 4-5 times the amount of CBD is absorbed by the body. 

Water-soluble CBD isolate can be more easily blended with any water or moisture containing food or drink. Water-soluble isolates are more effective in comparison to oil equivalents as these are more readily absorbed into the system. The bioavailability ranges between 70-90%. 

CBD isolates are ideal for people who don’t like the sublingual method of administration. In regular oral administration procedures, the bioavailability is as little as 4 percent. This implies that 96 percent of the product ends up getting flushed from your body. The issue with low bioavailability led to the development of water-soluble CBD isolates.    

Benefits of water-soluble CBD  

  • Higher bioavailability in comparison to other CBD products available in the market 
  • Can be used to make CBD-infused beverages and edibles 
  • Ability to measure a consistent dose 
  • Increased convenience 

Bulk manufacturer of high-quality water-soluble CBD isolate

We are a leading manufacturer of water-soluble CBD isolates. You can use these to formulate unique products that are potent and promise benefits to your users. We can develop the product for you and also bottle, label and package it. 

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