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Pharmabinoid Greenhouse grown flowers

CBD: < 7 % / THC <0.2%

Greenhouse Grown Flowers - Introducing Hemp Buds

Hemp plants grown in a greenhouse receive more natural sunlight and have the ability to control their growing environment. This provides an ideal compromise between indoor and outdoor methods of cultivation while still providing plenty of benefits that greenhouses provide such as heat protection from extreme weather conditions. Did you know that Hemp grows 20 percent faster in a greenhouse? 

Why Greenhouse Grown Flowers grow faster

A greenhouse provides optimal growing conditions for cannabis. Cannabis plants benefit from both indoor and outdoor growing, meaning they produce high-quality buds with more nutrients from controlled growing conditions as well as full-spectrum sunlight, which is only available outdoors when it's not cloudy or raining.

With the help of modern technology, greenhouse grown flowers like cannabis can be grown year-round, and Ambary Gardens is one company that proves it. Their vertically integrated business model produces CBD-rich cannabis in greenhouses designed with a high level of automation to reliably produce every day.

Professional marijuana cultivators know that pests and diseases can negatively impact the yield of their plants. Although pesticides are banned by many government regulations, pests and diseases are still a problem that affects the cultivation of greenhouse grown flowers like hemp.

The greenhouse grown flowers and weather control 

Environmental control can be challenging, especially during the summer months, for two reasons. Humidity is more difficult to control in the summer when heat and sunshine create a breeding ground for pests and plant diseases. Not all green house grown flowers grow well in an enclosed greenhouse environment. For example, if you are growing marijuana in a greenhouse, you need to maintain proper humidity to avoid pests and plant diseases.

Controlling the environment is critical to prevent things like storms from destroying your greenhouse grown flowers. Clones need a nutrient-rich environment to avoid damage that could occur in the field.