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D9-Tetrahydrocannabiphorol - D9-THCP

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The Newly Discovered D9-THCP 

One of the newest additions in the world of cannabis is Delta 9- Tetrahydrocannabiphorol or D9-THCP. An analog of THC, D9-THCP is a natural product from hemp. Unlike THC that has five natural carbon atoms in its chemical structure, D9-THCP has seven carbon atoms. Thus, D9-THCP is more potent than the traditional THC. Certain strains of marijuana tend to have more psychoactive power than others with similar or lower levels of THC. Some researchers believe that D9-THCP could be the cause. 

As we earlier hinted, Tetrahydrocannabiphorol is a recent discovery. However, history shows that the first THCP discovery happened when the UNIHEMP-funded group of Italian Researchers was exploring the chemical structure of FM2 strain. Their report emerged at the end of the year 2019. Prior users of D9-THCP believe that it is five to ten times more potent than THC. After that, we have seen a few versions of THCP cropping up. One of these is D9-THCP

How potent can D9-THCP be? 

The most dominant trait of THCP is having more psychoactive effects than delta 9 THC. Research studies show that D9-THCP is thirty–three times more able to bind on your CB1 receptors than D9 THC. But what makes it so psychoactive? Although its molecular structure is almost similar to that of THC, THCP has two more carbon molecules. Based on past research, THC is likely to be more psychoactive if it has three carbon atoms or more on its chain. THCP has seven carbon molecules while delta 8 THC, delta 9 THC, and delta 10 THC have only 5. Thus, THCP has more power than any of these delta THCs.

How quickly do the effects of D9-THCP come? 

After eating an edible form of D9-THCP, how long will the effects take? By the third hour after consumption, you will be at the peak of THCP effects. These may remain strong for two hours before declining. In general, you can have a high experience of four to six hours. If you inhale your D9-THCP, you will feel the impact much sooner than after eating an edible like a gummy. In around fifteen minutes, you will start feeling something and then reach the peak at about an hour. The experience will then disappear about two hours later. Again the entire experience when you inhale Delta 9-THCP would last three to five hours. 

Final word

D9-THCP is a more potent product in our collection at pharmabinoid.eu website. If you want to learn more about it, then contact us via our website!