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CBD Honey Pearls

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Learn About Our CBD Honey Pearls 

CBD comes in a variety of forms. People can therefore consume the strain they prefer. Our 10mg CBD Honey Pearls originates from the EU. Our Honey Pearls product is a dietary supplement that is safe for human consumption. It can provide all the intended cannabinoid benefits

Detailed Product Description

Our product consists of a hemp extract that has undergone purification with phytocannabinoids. It, therefore, consists of one hundred percent honey harvested from different flowers. It also contains 32% of a CBD compound. Additionally, it comes in a capsule shell made of beef gelatin. From the date of manufacture, the product can last a minimum of one year. So it has a longer shelf life than other types of CBD products. If you have smelled beeswax before, you are already familiar with the taste of our CBD Honey Pearls

It smells like beeswax and therefore has a honey flavor. Concerning taste, it is between sweet and bitter. It has a yellow color and a thick consistency. When it comes to product purity, it meets the requirements for heavy metals concentration levels. Thus, you do not have to worry about consuming mercury, cadmium, lead, or Arsenic. About the microbiological purity, our CBD Honey Pearls product has a total aerobic mesophile microbial count of less than 10. It meets all safety requirements, so it is generally a safe product to consume. 

Why do you need our CBD Honey Pearls?

As you can see, this is a very unique CBD product. For lovers of honey, our Honey Pearls product is just the best because it has a honey flavor. Even so, it is not as sweet as honey. So it is a good product for somebody who does not mind a tart and sweet taste. It can give you the benefits of honey and CBD. As a product with high purity rates, you can consume it without fearing intoxication from dangerous metals. 

Final word

Would you like to taste our CBD Honey Pearls and gather all their health benefits? We can provide more information about them if you contact us today on our site.