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CBD Hash Strains are a Product of the CBD Hash Plant

<0.2% THC

What are CBD hash strains, and how do they work?

CBD hash is a concentrated extract obtained from the resin of the female cannabis plant. CBD hash is an all-natural product made by concentrating the resin that covers the buds of the cannabis plant and then breaking it into small pieces. Our CBD hash strains are extracted from organically grown hemp plants under precise conditions and then purified using a CO2 extraction method that ensures product quality, cleanliness, and safety. Hash is ideal for those who do not want to smoke or vaporize but want the same therapeutic effect.

CBD Hash Strains - The isolation process

CBD hash, also known as hash or kief, is a form of concentrated cannabis resin extracted from the cannabis plant. Producers isolate trichomes from the plant material and then sift out three main types of "hashish" - somas, charras, and hasjis. All of these products have different physical and chemical properties. There are many ways to consume cannabidiol, including smoking or vaporizing the CBD hash. A vaporizer is a common device used for this purpose. CBD hash strains are potent and extract the goodness from every strand of non-psychoactive pure CBD cannabis. CBD hash is a type of cannabis extract made by separating the resins from the rest of the plant material. When heated, these resins give off an intensely aromatic and flavorful vapor that can be inhaled for various effects.

What Is the Difference Between CBD Hash Strains and CBD Flower?

CBD flower and CBD hash strains are two products derived from the cannabis plant. Although both have similar properties, it is important to know their differences to ensure you make the right choice for your needs. CBD hash is extracted from the non-psychoactive part of the hemp (leaves, twigs, and resin). It has a much higher concentration of CBD. CBD flowers can refer to either the female plants or the harvested buds of the marijuana plant before they are treated in any way. However, CBD hashish is a completely different product from either CBD hash strains or CBD flowers.