Cannabidiol Full Spectrum Vape - 20% CBD

Cannabidiol Full Spectrum Vape - 20% CBD

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This is a Full spectrum Oil made of a 58.74% CBD - Decarboxylated Distillate - The Distillate was extracted using ethanol and CO2. This product is suited for reselling in capsules with your own brand. If you desire CBD based products then please also have a look at our Edibles, Drinks, Creams. The additional services we offer in combination with the Full spectrum hemp oil are:


      Final Cannabinoid Composition
      CBD 20.00%
      CBG 0.25%
      THCV 0.50%
      CBDV 2.06%
      CBC 0.00%
      CBN 0.00%
      Total CC 22.81%

      Country of Origin: The Netherlands

      Estimated Time of Delivery: 14 Business Days