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CBD Oil Bottles – Why Does the Bottle Type Matter to The Oil Quality?

Every CBD oil enthusiast already understands the importance of keeping the oil away from direct sunlight. But we cannot emphasise enough that CBD oil bottles also play a vital role in maintaining the oil quality. Every time you purchase CBD oil, you must have noticed that the bottles are made of dark-coloured glass. 

The bottles are not coloured just to look fancy; there’s a reason for it.

Why should the CBD oil bottles be coloured?

From your experience with extra virgin oils, CBD oil quality also gets affected with exposure to direct sunlight. The bottles are mostly dark brown, but other shades such as blue and green are also common. 

The reason for this dark color is that ultraviolet rays (UV light) are highly destructive to the oil’s integrity. Clear bottles allow this light to penetrate easily, but the dark or opaque bottles shield off the UV rays. Exposure to UV light will cause oxidation, making the oil less effective. That’s why you’ll notice that cannabidiol vape bottles are also coloured to retain the quality of the vape. 

UV rays cause damage to terpenes and cannabinoids by breaking the hydrogen atoms from the compound, causing faster degradation. A degraded vape wouldn’t taste as great as the pure one, hence the need for dark-coloured bottles. 

Apart from the dark color of the bottles, they must also be made of glass. Glass bottles guarantee no leakages of the oil, plus they play other roles as we’ll see below. 

Why shouldn’t plastic CBD oil bottles be used?

Have you stumbled upon a plastic CBD oil bottle and wondered whether it’s genuine? You’re right; plastic bottles don’t make the best storage vessels for CBD oil.

That’s because plastic reacts with the oil due to its deterioration, hence contaminating the oil. You wouldn’t want to ingest plastic components in your CBD oil, would you? So, always watch out for the bottle type before paying for your CBD. 

The same goes for CBD Cosmetic jars. These too must be made of glass and darkened to retain the quality of the CBD cosmetic.