Test method validation

The Alpha-CAT 3.1 QUANTÒ method is validated at the Leiden University in the Netherlands (Division of Pharmacognosy, institute of Biology by Justin Fischedick,  Prof. Rob Verpoorte, & Dr. Arno Hazekamp). There final report published in Phytochemical Analysis 2009, 20, 421-426 concluded:

‘’ The method validated in this study offers advantages over previously developed chromatographic methods because it utilises a simple decarboxylation procedure to convert THCA into D-9 THC (..….) The method was shown to be comparable within a small degree of error (+/- 0.5%) to results obtainable from validated HPLC method. This chromatographic TLC based method can be utilised for qualitative fingerprinting of Cannabis since good separation is achieved between the principle neutral cannabinoids (CBD, D-9 THC, THCV, CBG and CBC), forensic analysis of Cannabis, quality control of hemp and quality control of medical cannabis.’’

 ‘’Alpha CAT (working title, former name Alpha-CAT 3.1 QUANTÒ) or Cannabinoid Analysis Tests could revolutionise the already-legal medical cannabis market in Canada….for breeders, growers, medical cannabis clubs, and consumers alike, the benefits of such a test are immediately obvious-over and above its speed, ease of use and affordability, CAT promotes harm reduction and the effective use of cannabis’’ 

                                                       ― Toronto Compassionate club; cannabisclub.com