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CBG Isolate

Cannabigerol (CBG) has drawn lots of attention to itself as one of the most prevalent cannabinoids for the capability to manage most health conditions like epilepsy, diabetes, and depression. Today, the demand for CBG isolate has grown exponentially, and this is backed by the many cannabigerol suppliers in the CBD market today. 

It’s worth noting that most people often confuse CBD and CBG but these two extracts are different. Understanding their differences can help you as a CBG isolate wholesaler to educate your clients about the benefits of each to help them make better decisions. 

What’s CBG Isolate and what makes it special?

CBG isolate is a hemp extract containing pure cannabigerol, about 98% pure. Due to this high concentration of CBG, it is easier to add the CBG isolate to other products.  Pure CBG from reputable cannabigerol suppliers may contain traces of THC at undetectable levels. Most other compounds in hemp are also eliminated to present the purest CBG form. 

How is CBG different from CBD?

CBD has a therapeutic benefit similar to CBG. Both extracts also lack THC which tends to make people high. They both present a medicinal form of hemp to those seeking the benefits without worrying about the stoning effect. As reported by a 2018 research study, both CBG and CBD interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors. 

CBG offers a higher efficacy compared to CBD in offering relief such as treating migraines and alleviating muscle soreness. If running a business selling therapeutic products, doing CBG bulk purchases can help you slash your prices to attract more customers. 

Are there any side effects of CBG isolate use?

Due to the high purity levels of CBG isolate, there are no known side effects of using it. Since it already lacks THC, most people after medicinal values of hemp extracts can benefit from CBG isolate without the worry of getting high. In broader aspects, more research is required on cannabigerol use side effects. 

Do you rely on cannabigerol for all your therapeutic needs? You can go for CBG bulk purchases to reduce your costs. On the other hand, if buying for your business, find a reputable CBG isolate wholesaler like Pharmabinoid to supply you with high-quality CBG at great prices.