Full Spectrum CBD Distillate - 65.74% CBD - 84.24% Total Cannabinoids (CBD/CBDV/CBG/THCV/D9THC) - Pharmabinoid
Full Spectrum CBD Distillate - 65.74% CBD - 84.24% Total Cannabinoids (CBD/CBDV/CBG/THCV/D9THC) - Pharmabinoid

Full Spectrum CBD Distillate - 65.74% CBD - 84.24% Total Cannabinoids (CBD/CBDV/CBG/THCV/D9THC)

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We manufacture this Full Spectrum CBD distillate extracted using ethanol and CO 2 . This product is ideal for formulating oil and reselling it with your own brand label. You can also develop other products using it as the base. Refining the distillate helps in the removal of THC. The distillate is refined with the process of winterisation. The major benefit of the distillation process is that it helps in the removal of impurities from the product. Once the CBD has been extracted it is put into a container with the
solvent and left in a cold environment for a couple of days. This solidifies the undesired impurities and they settle at the bottom. This process is repeated for extracting the desired percentage of CBD.

Applications of CBD Distillate
You can use this full spectrum CBD distillate for formulating:

● Topicals and beauty products
These have become quite popular as they provide localised relief in case of chronic pain
and sore muscles.

● Vaping
CBD distillates are commonly used for consuming by inhaling with an e-cigarette or vape
pen. This is the most potent and quickest application. The vapours promise therapeutic
benefits to the users.

● Edibles
It is easier to make edibles with distillates. These are easy to consume and promises quick
benefits. These don’t taste like hemp and are usually flavoured.
Ready to purchase wholesale CBD extracts?
If you want to purchase bulk CBD distillate then take a look at our product profile. We offer
CBD distillate of the highest quality. We undertake low MOQ orders and ensure consistency of
product between orders. We also offer additional services to our customers in addition to
offering CBD winterised distillate.

Our services include:


Final Cannabinoid Composition
CBD 65,740%
CBG 6,300%
THCV 9,140%
CBDV 2,970%
CBC 0,000%
CBN 0,000%
CBL 0,000%
Δ8-THC 0,000%
Δ9-THC 0,090%
Total CC 84,240%

We can also custom formulate products as per your requirements.

Distillate - For Formulation

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