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CBD CoA Third Party – What Is It? Why Does It Matter To Your Brand?

With the growing number of companies selling CBD products, it might appear like a great thing to the consumers. A great supply of varieties which in turn reduces prices due to stiff competition. But it doesn’t sound great to the manufacturers of these CBD products.

As a cannabidiol products manufacturer, you’re forced to come up with better ways to make your product more authentic and a preference among consumers. CBD CoA third party exists for this particular reason. Unscrupulous and immoral companies have taken advantage of the high demand for CBD products to create fake products that ruin the business for the rest of the traders. 

By subjecting your products to a cannabinoid analysis by a third party, you assure your consumers that your CBD product is authentic.

What is CoA Third Party?

A CBD Certificate of Analysis, or "CoA," is essentially a report generated by a third-party laboratory that tests the cannabinoid content of a CBD product. This analysis ensures that the product contains the amount of CBD advertised and that it is free of contaminants.

CBD CoA third party is an independent lab that tests CBD products for potency and purity. This is important because it helps to ensure that the product you’re selling is safe and of high quality. Third-party testing also builds trust with your customers. They can see that you’re serious about providing a quality product and that you’re not just trying to make a quick buck.

Getting a CoA is not the end; you also need to carry out a CBD terpene analysis on your products to assure your consumers of the terpenes present. So if you’re not already doing so, we recommend that you start looking into getting your CBD products tested by a third-party lab. It could make all the difference for your business!

Is it a legal requirement to have a CBD CoA?

While there is no legal requirement to have a CoA for CBD products, it is generally considered best practice to obtain one. Having a cannabinoid analysis to earn the CoA adds an extra layer of legitimacy and transparency to your brand. It shows customers that you are committed to quality and safety and that you are willing to stand behind your product.

CBD CoAs are typically valid for six months, after which time the product should be retested. This periodic testing helps to ensure that the product has not degraded or changed in any way over time.