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CBD Oil Bottling – Can CBD Products Get Contaminated? 

You’re familiar with the contamination of packaged food, drugs, and other ingestible products. But can CBD products get contaminated in the same way? CBD Oil bottling, if poorly done can result in inferior quality CBD products and can also lead to contamination, posing serious health hazards. 

Despite having passed all quality approval stages, a corrupted bottle may cause the product to be unfit for use. Even if a seller takes all precautions to ensure that there’s no contamination from bacteria, fungus, and other pathogens, contamination can still happen in other ways. 

How can CBD oil bottling cause contamination?

According to the findings of a report by Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS), lead was a common cause of CBD oil contamination. Hemp extracts were found to contain traces of lead. 

Lead contamination can cause issues such as brain and kidney damage, weakness, and anemia. So, instead of reaping the benefits that CBD products offer, the user may be exposed to health hazards instead. 

The product manufacturers in most cases are usually unaware of this adulteration. But the lead contamination often occurs during transportation when the products get exposed to heat and UV light, causing degradation. Once the bottles get corrupted, the toxic lead leaks into the CBD oil. 

What other forms of contamination can occur to CBD products?

Contamination can also occur during the labelling of the packed CBD product bottles. When doing CBD oil or cannabidiol vape labelling and packaging, manufacturers use protection such as face masks, goggles, and gloves. 

One of the reported issues is a case of an FDA-approved glove resulting in contamination of the product. The issue is that once such gloves are certified for use, there’s no continuous assessment to guarantee consistent quality as time goes by. 

With the gloves being made from cheap materials, their durability gets affected and causes the introduction of harmful contaminants into the CBD product. Therefore, manufacturers must ensure that the packaging, bottling, and labelling of CBD products are highly monitored to avoid contamination. 

Misinformation during cannabidiol vape labelling is also another common problem to watch out for when buying your CBD products. Since the industry isn’t regulated much, some manufacturers may create false labels for their products. Always ensure you’re dealing with a renowned trusted brand to avoid misinformation or exposure to hazardous contaminants.